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Industry Engagement

Through the years, Taylor Engineers has contributed to the codes and standards which serve the industry at large.


Our workplace is one that prioritizes learning. Not just keeping current, but expanding our thinking and looking to the future with regard to climate and sustainability. 

Taylor Engineers

is fueled by its people—smart, focused people—passionate about the work we do, and the impact we have on the world

Steve Taylor, PE


Glenn Friedman, PE


Reinhard Seidl, PE


Jeff Stein, PE


Hwakong Cheng, PE


David Heinzerling, PE


Brandon Gill, PE


Joe Arnstein, PE


People + Priorities

Taylor Engineers is a firm long recognized for our innovative designs, specialty knowledge and pragmatic implementation. We are like minded engineers, academics at heart and dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of next-level designs and methodologies that can yield the most efficient results for building owners.  Each one of our engineers has had contracting and/or commissioning experience; this is integral to our thinking and provides a necessary perspective for determining effective working solutions.

For more than 25 years, our engineers have taken great pride in a highly regarded professional reputation that extends well beyond the Bay Area.

Leadership  |  Our Team 
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