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Building Performance Analysis

Taylor Engineers addresses critical industry challenges by utilizing a broad range of analysis capabilities to effectively enhance building design and performance. Through building energy simulation, we can better inform our design decisions, conduct life cycle cost analyses and support code and LEED evaluations. Taylor Engineers leverages expertise in HVAC and controls systems to inform applied building research and vice versa. This involvement in research is also a key factor in informing improvements in codes and standards and in developing better approaches to the design and operation of HVAC and BAS.



HVAC + Plumbing + Fire Sprinkler Systems

Over the years, Taylor Engineers has built a national reputation as experts in HVAC, plumbing, and fire sprinkler systems design. Our work can be found serving large commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. We provide full design services, design/build performance specifications, design review, and investigation services. Taylor Engineers is professionally recognized for expertise in data centers, underfloor air distribution systems, optimized VAV systems, and central chilled water plants. We frequently serve as an owner’s representative in the selection and oversight of design/build mechanical, plumbing and fire protection contractors.


With our hands-on background in HVAC system and controls design and construction, Taylor Engineers is uniquely prepared to take the lead in system commissioning. Our engineers have served as the commissioning authority (CxA) for our own projects and as third party CxA for projects designed by others. In addition, our team has served on the committees responsible for the development of commissioning standards, i.e. ASHRAE Standard 202 and the California Commissioning Collaborative. 

Control System Design

Taylor Engineers is recognized among consulting engineering firms for its unique control systems design and commissioning experience. Critical to the caliber of our work is the detail and clarity of our specifications—an integral factor known to prevent contractor error. Taylor Engineers was integral to the creation of ASHRAE Guideline 36 - High-Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems and its primary author. 

Innovation + Pragmatism

Taylor Engineers delivers superior, energy efficient and low-carbon mechanical designs for both new construction and retrofit markets. We are technical experts. We are innovators. And we are environmentally responsible in every aspect of our work. Ever mindful of cost, constructability and operability, we know that it is the balance of technical innovation with solid pragmatism that allows our designs to meet the highest expectations for both performance and sustainability.

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