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Westbank: Bo Town

San Jose, CA

Bo Town is a high-rise residential development by Westbank in San Jose. The 30-story building consists of 540 residential units and 104 parking space underground garage. The building is served by water-source heat pumps (water-to-air), which run efficiently off of a closed circuit condenser water loop served by cooling towers and air-to-water heat pumps. The condenser water loop also includes thermal energy storage through the dual-use of the re water storage tank on the project. The TES tank allows for time-independent heat recovery over the course of a day or multi-day period. The building's domestic hot water system is also tied into the condenser water loop through the use of a water-to-water heat pump, allowing for additional heat recovery opportunity. The building also has a blackwater treatment system that treats all water and reuses the water for toilet flushing and landscape irrigation. The building is targeting LEED Platinum.

Size (ft²)




Project Type

Multifamily Residential

Scope of Work

Full Design of MEP systems




First Community Housing


James Cheng (Design), Steinberg Hart (AOR)


Build Group


James Chen Architects


Architect: Mateo Gonzalez,

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