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Stanford Bing Concert Hall

Stanford, California

Stanford's Bing Concert Hall is a 900-seat concert hall with lobby, ancillary space, back-of-house support space, academic and administrative offices, and conference rooms. This facility also includes lighted pathways, walkways, and landscape areas, as well as an amphitheater and other high-value outdoor use spaces.

The mechanical systems at Bing Concert Hall delivers comfortable conditions for both audience members and performers, while also meeting tight indoor temperature and humidity constraints for a number of critical instrument storage areas. A major system-design driver was the need to meet stringent NC-15 noise criteria in the auditorium space. To meet this goal, Taylor Engineers provided a displacement ventilation system in the auditorium with separate temperature control zones for the stage and house.

Bing Concert Hall's central systems consist of campus chilled and hot water that is delivered to custom air handling units selected for high efficiency, quiet operation. Additionally, advanced building controls applied throughout, dynamically adjust system operation at least 4 times per hour to minimize energy use in a continuous manner.

Size (ft²)




Project Type

Performing Arts Center

Scope of Work

Full HVAC, P/FS, and controls system design from concept design through construction administration.




Stanford University


Ennead (Polshek Partnership) Architects


General: Turner Construction
Mechanical: Therma


Phil King


Stanford University: Maggie Burgett
Ennead Architects: Tim Hartung
Turner Construction: Rick Lowell

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