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Oyster Point Phase 1D

South San Francisco, California

The 500,000 square foot Oyster Point Phase 1D project consists of 3 lab/office towers connected by a common lobby. The 5, 6, and 7 story towers sit atop a 4 story parking structure.

Taylor Engineers was hired by Marelich Mechanical to serve as engineer of record for the Phase 1D project. The mechanical design consists of three all variable speed chilled water plants and three condenser boiler plants, one of each per tower. Each tower has 2 single-pass VAV lab air handlers to serve future tenant lab loads, and 2 VAV recirculating air handlers with full economizers to serve future tenant office loads. Lab exhaust is provided by two (3) fan arrays per tower controlled using wind responsive control to maximize energy savings. Air handlers and lab exhaust fans are cleverly located about the two mechanical shafts per tower to simplify division of the floor plate in either the east/west or north/south direction to maximize leasing flexibility. Additionally, the lab exhaust risers are subducted to minimize core and shell mechanical costs, while maximizing the amount of available riser space for future tenant exhaust needs.

Size (ft²)




Project Type


Scope of Work

Full design of mechanical and BAS systems




Kilroy Realty




General: HDCCo
Mechanical: Marelich


Kilroy Realty


Kilroy: Nate Marshall
DGA: David McAdams
HDCCo: Greg Fujita
Marelich: Andy Beering

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