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Oceanwide Center

San Francisco, California

The Oceanwide Center is a mixed-use project consisting of two towers. The 50 First Street tower includes office space and residential units. It will be the second tallest building in San Francisco when completed. The Mission Street tower will contain hotel and residential units.

The mechanical design for offices in the First Street Tower utilizes a unique zero-reheat underfloor air distribution system. Hotel rooms and condominiums are served with low energy variable speed 4-pipe fan coil units with horizontal outdoor air intakes.

Each building has its hot and chilled water central plants. Both central boiler plants provide combined heating and domestic hot water generation. The chilled water plants both use efficient all variable speed designs. Other unique chilled water plant features include heat recovery chillers for domestic hot water preheating in both plants and an integrated waterside economizer in the First Street tower plant.

Size (ft²)




Project Type

Mixed Use

Scope of Work

Design of MEPS systems
with Foster + Partners’ engineering staff.
Full design of energy management +
control systems.




Oceanwide Holdings


Foster + Partners


Swinerton + Webcor, Joint Venture


Foster + Partners


Oceanwide: Zhenyu Wang,
Foster + Partners: Piers Heath,
Swinerton + Webcor: Matt Rossie,

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