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100/200 Oracle Parkway

Redwood Shores, California

100 and 200 Oracle Parkway are two high rise office buildings on the Oracle Headquarters Campus in Redwood Shores. They were both built in early 1990's and both have water-cooled chiller plants serving built up chilled water VAV air handlers. The air handlers mostly serve pneumatic cooling VAV boxes. Perimeter zones are also served by hot water fan coils zoned by building exposure. Each building has several small computer rooms and one small raised floor data center.

The project included a full BAS controls upgrade, conversion of the zones from pneumatic to DDC, conversion of the data center CRAH units from constant volume to variable volume, the addition of a waterside economizer to the central plant and all new control sequences for the zones, air handlers, CRAHs, and central plant. Pre/post measurement and verification showed that Oracle is enjoying a 50% reduction in HVAC energy use as a result of this project! The maintenance staff is enjoying the greatly enhanced monitoring and control capabilities of the new system and the building occupants are enjoying greatly improved temperature and ventilation controls.

Size (ft²)




Project Type


Scope of Work

Taylor Engineers' role included design of all retrofit measures, such as the waterside economizer, design of the new control system, and commissioning.




Oracle Corporation




Automatic Controls Engineering (ACE): ACCO


Image Credit: Hakan Dahlstrom


Senior Building Operations Manager: Chuck Stathis

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