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January 8, 2019 Brandon joined Taylor Engineering in 2014 as a mechanical engineer with a five year background in HVAC systems analysis and measurement and verification. Since joining Taylor, Brandon has shifted gears and focused primarily on HVAC system design and commissioning. During his time at Taylor, Brandon has developed expertise in hydronic system design; data center design and control; and sequences of operation development. Brandon got his feet wet in design working on a 20-story high rise in San Francisco’s financial district and is currently leading the HVAC design of a 500,000 square foot South San Francisco high rise lab office complex. Brandon strongly believes that smartly designed and executed controls systems are central to maximizing building energy efficiency and operability. As such, his ASHRAE involvement includes voting membership in TC 1.4 (Control Theory and Application) and ongoing research for 1711-RP – Advanced Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems – Phase II Central Plants and Hydronic Systems. Brandon holds a bachelor’s degree with High Honors from the University of California, Berkeley. Brandon joins the firm’s six other principals: Steve Taylor, Glenn Friedman, Reinhard Seidl, Jeff Stein, Hwakong Cheng, and David Heinzerling.

Brandon Gill, promoted to Principal

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